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Teeth Cleaning In Ridgeville, OH

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums requires keeping them clean and free from food particles, stains, and debris that could develop into bacteria or cause cavities to form. While regularly brushing and flossing helps immensely, sometimes your teeth need extra care. That’s why Dr. Scott W. Arndt and the team at Center Ridge Dental offer dental cleaning services to the patients of North Ridgeville.

Visiting a dentist for cleaning helps prevent some of the most common oral health problems that you could encounter. But what is a dental cleaning, or dental prophylaxis, and how can it help you?

Why Should You Get Professional Teeth Cleanings?

Despite your best efforts in cleaning your teeth at home, there are many gaps and crevices in your mouth where food particles can become stuck. Bacteria tend to thrive in these spaces, often without you realizing it. Having your teeth professionally cleaned in a dentist’s office is not only a necessary process, but it is perhaps the most critical preventative service a dentist or dental hygienist could provide for you.

There are many benefits to having regular teeth cleanings. Professional dental cleanings involve tools and techniques specially designed to reach the parts of your mouth that a toothbrush and floss can’t, so a professional cleaning can give you a brighter smile than even the most high-end products. Thoroughly removing food particles and cleaning your entire mouth will also ensure that your breath stays fresher longer.

Finally, many dental procedures come as the result of oral health problems that could be prevented with proper oral hygiene habits. Going to your dentist for routine cleanings is far less expensive and agitating than complex corrective dental procedures, such as root canals, crowns, or dental implants. If you take care of your teeth, you’ll also limit the amount of time you’ll spend in a dentist’s office.

How often should you have your teeth cleaned?

You should have your teeth professionally cleaned biannually if you take good care of your teeth and gums at home. If your dentist determines that you are at an increased risk of periodontal disease, tooth decay, or other oral problems, they may schedule more frequent dental cleanings.

What Happens At A Dental Cleaning Appointment?

When your teeth cleaning appointment starts, the dental hygienist will perform an examination to check for any signs of gum disease. In addition, X-rays may be taken to help discover any problems that exist below the gums. If they find any issues, the hygienist will consult with a dentist to ensure that it’s okay to proceed with cleaning.

The hygienist will start the cleaning by removing plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth by using a special instrument. Plaque buildup can inflame your gums and cause periodontal disease, cavities, bad breath, and even tooth loss. Eventually, plaque will harden into tartar, which a hygienist can only remove with specialized tools. 

Once the majority of plaque and tartar is removed, your hygienist will polish and clean the surface of your teeth with a pumice paste. Similar to the store-bought toothpaste you use at home, the paste contains abrasive compounds that scrub the smaller plaque particles and tartar from your teeth. Next, to further eliminate any debris in your teeth, your hygienist will use floss to get between your teeth before rinsing to finish cleaning out your mouth. After your cleaning, Dr. Arndt will do a thorough oral cancer and cavity exam.

Does a dental cleaning hurt?

A dental cleaning should not be painful or discomforting, especially if you’ve practiced good oral hygiene in your daily life. Poor oral hygiene and lack of flossing make your gums more uncomfortable during your cleaning. 

How Long Does A Dental Cleaning Take?

Generally speaking, a dental cleaning appointment should take 30 minutes to 1 hour. After your cleaning, they will also take some time to answer questions and explain preventative measures you can take at home to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.  

Teeth Cleaning Cost

Routine dental cleanings and exams are considered preventative care, so most dental insurance policies cover two per year. 

Comprehensive Dental Care For The Whole Family At Center Ridge Dental

Dr. Arndt and the doctors at Center Ridge Dental specialize in offering personalized care for every patient that walks through our doors. Whether dental cleanings, general dentistry, or restorative dentistry, every procedure is performed to make patients feel comfortable and meet their needs. In addition, we provide education for patients to understand better what to expect from their dental care. So, if you require a dental cleaning, schedule an appointment with us.