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Dentistry for Children in North Ridgeville, OH

Center Ridge Dental Professionals, located in North Ridgeville, OH, offers dental examinations to people of all ages. As a family dentist, Dr. Arndt offers many dental services, such as restorative, preventive, general, and cosmetic dentistry, as well as emergency dental care for all his patients. 

Advantages Of Family Dentists

Family dentists provide services to children as well as adults. People must have routine dental checkups with their primary dentist at least twice a year. Keeping the same dentist from early in your development to adulthood means having access to a professional who understands your exact needs.

  • Your whole family can visit the same dental office, eliminating the need to keep track of separate appointments and making insurance management easier. 
  • Family dentists place high importance on preventive dentistry. By treating their patients from childhood, family dentists have the unique ability to fully understand their patient’s health inside and out, which allows them to provide the best care for their oral health and hygiene.

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Children should see a family dentist within six months of their first tooth coming in and then continue with regular checkups twice a year. Seeking the best dental care for your children can improve your child’s teeth development and oral health as they age. The first dental checkup can feel scary or overwhelming for the entire family, but at Center Ridge Dental Professionals, we will ensure your visits are as comfortable as possible.

What Will Your Child’s First Dental Checkup Look Like?

Dr. Arndt will perform a thorough dental exam. Using a handheld mirror, he will inspect your child’s teeth, gums, and soft tissues to ensure they are practicing proper oral hygiene. Sometimes, he will order x-rays to take a more in-depth look at your teeth and check for cavities. The dental hygienist will perform a dental cleaning and review with parents how they can be involved in monitoring and helping with hygiene practices.

What Are the Most Common Dental Issues in Children, and How Can They Be Prevented?

  • Cavities (Tooth Decay): Caused by sugary diets and poor oral hygiene. 

Prevention: Brush with fluoride toothpaste, reduce sugar intake, and regular dental check-ups.

  • Gum Disease (Gingivitis): Manifests as red, swollen gums. 

Prevention: Regular brushing and flossing.

  • Dental Emergencies: Such as chipped teeth from accidents. 

Prevention: Wear mouthguards during sports and child-proof homes.

  • Thumb Sucking and Pacifier Use: Can misalign teeth if prolonged. 

Prevention: Offer alternatives and consult a dentist for advice.

  • Baby Bottle Tooth Decay: Caused by sugary liquids. 

Prevention: Avoid bedtime bottles with sugary drinks and limit sugar intake.

What Can Affect My Child’s Dental Health?

  • Diet: High sugar and starch can lead to decay. Opt for a balanced diet.
  • Oral Hygiene Habits: Poor brushing and flossing lead to plaque and cavities. Establish a good routine.
  • Fluoride Exposure: Essential for enamel strength. Use fluoride toothpaste.
  • Genetics: Some children are more prone to dental issues. Monitor with regular dental visits.

How Can I Help My Child Maintain Good Oral Hygiene?

To help your child maintain good oral hygiene, start early by cleaning your child’s gums before their teeth even come in, using a soft cloth. This sets the foundation for healthy habits. As they grow, make brushing a family activity, demonstrating good practices and using fluoride toothpaste to protect their teeth. Introduce flossing as a daily routine early on to ensure that the areas between the teeth, which a toothbrush might miss, are also cleaned. Emphasize the importance of a balanced diet, encouraging the consumption of crunchy fruits and vegetables while limiting sugary snacks and drinks, as these can contribute to tooth decay. Regular dental visits every six months are crucial for professional cleanings and to monitor your child’s dental development closely. Educating your child on the importance of oral hygiene and the impact of diet on their dental health can be reinforced through engaging methods like books, videos, and apps designed to make brushing and flossing more enjoyable. By making oral care a fun and integral part of their daily routine, you help instill habits that contribute to a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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